Hey it’s me! :) sorry I haven’t been as active lately. Been very busy! Hope everyone is doing well and I love you all! 
Hey everyone!! Back from Disney World!! 
I’m so exhausted to talk about my vacation but I did have a lot of fun, I hated coming back to CT with the cold weather and snow, miss the palm trees!
ME :)
1am and just got home from my sorority dance!!! SOOOO much fun oh my gosh!! I got complimented the whole night and made so many new friends with the frat boys!! :D Oh, and I danced in 6 inch heels the entire night! 
Goodmorning! 7am here & I am ready to start the day! Woke up in a good mood, weird, but I’ll take it :) Hope yall have a great day!
Feel free to message me anything! And thank you new friends for following me ;) 
Happy Birthday to me! Holding my sparkling juice hahaha yesturday was the BEST birthday I ever had! I got to hang out with two of my best friends, have a great dinner with my family, go black friday shopping, and skype with a cute Russian for 4 hours! I am so thankful for my life and being surrounded by wonderful people. Thank you too for all your kind birthday wishes! My inbox is crazy hahaha I love it! 
Just got home from classes & it’s snowing!!! :D Making me SO happy!
Hot bubbly bath, with donuts and hot coco, along with hours on tumblr with my lovely followers! 
kind of a bad photo but tonight I found out who my big sis is in my sorority!!! :D It was so exciting. I really needed this. (im in pink) 
It’s important to remember who you are.
Being a descendant from Ralph Waldo Emerson, I feel like I analyze life way too much but also am very appreciative of it, always thinking on the bright side. If you ask anyone who knows me in person, they will tell you I am the most positive person you’ll meet, even though I have been through some hell of situations. I hope to always stay smiling. One thing that’s lately making me smile is my Russian boy. It’s simple things that make me happy throughout the whole day. And you all, for always supporting me. 
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